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Camilla completed her Yoga Teacher Training at East London School of Yoga with Stewart Gilchrist and further Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Nahid de Belgeonne and Ling Mann at Good Vibes.

She has been practicing Yoga for over 5 years and gives special thanks to her ongoing teacher Aram Raffy.

Camilla is an eternal student of Yoga and facilitator of self-learning. She aims to demystify Yogic philosophy and simply pass on a practical method that works.

She encourages students to take ownership of their practice and approach their learning with child-like curiosity, playfulness and compassion.  Her exploratory classes will literally and figuratively shift your world view and re-evaluate your perceived limitations.

Camilla’s classes are a moving meditation which synchronise rhythmic breath and intuitive movement. The practice is a focused uninterrupted flow which utilises the body and breath to access the mind.  Her teaching is dynamic and challenging whilst emphasising that compassion and protection are essential to Yoga. She encourages students to practice with intention and weave softness and acceptance into the flow. Her light-hearted, supportive approach will leave you reinvigorated, uplifted, composed and restored.

The primary and essential ethic of yoga is ahimsa ‘non-violence’. This is a prerequisite.

‘Don’t try to get out of the world, get into it’ - Bhagavan Das

Students are encouraged to connect their own dots and weave Yoga into their daily lives. Camilla recognises the importance of observing our unhelpful tendencies and facing up to the difficult aspects of our psyche. Collectively we can overcome rigid attitudes and create space for compassion, protection, generosity and creativity.  

Camilla is an advocate of inter-dependence and collective support. 4:48 is founded in a belief that we are individually accountable for our shared story.

Take care of each other, be brave and get involved! You’re not alone at 4:48.

‘Your sense of well-being is measured by your ability to still be ‘wowed’ by the world’ - Kudzanayi Chiwawa

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